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Posted by on 14th Apr 2018

Convenience is invaluable, the automatic garage door opener is certainly a godsend. Who wants to get out of their car, open the garage door, get back in the car, drive in or out of the garage, … read more

Update your garage door for better Resale and security

Posted by Frank on 7th Apr 2015

The Garage can be a key feature when selling your home. For the man of the house, a large clear space opens up all sorts of opportunities for DIY projects, while often for the lady of the house, secur … read more

Some things you shouldn't do yourself

Posted by Frank on 3rd Dec 2014

At DoorsNZ, While we love DIY you need to know your limitations.If you auto opener has ceased working, please call an expert or just grab a new one.  Do not open the auto opener cover unless you … read more

Mini Drum - fit a roller door into a smaller space

Posted by Frank on 3rd Dec 2014

Are you short of head room for your roller door?2.2h and 2.4h roller doors can be set on a mini drum, reducing the drum size by approximately 75mm.With a smaller drum you can get the maximum opening h … read more

How to measure a roller door

Posted by Frank on 16th Feb 2014

Tips on how to measure for your garage door......detailed information in ordering the correct sizes to avoid mistakes!When ordering from us we are working on opening sizes i.e. clear drive through wid … read more