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How to measure

How to use the DoorsNZ website to select your roller garage door, its as easy as 1...2...3

1. Go to the SHOP tab and choose the correct height of the lintel of your garage door opening (or round up to the next height)

2. Choose your door opening width (see diagram below), this is the opening of the garage between the finished trimmers, again round up if you need to, we will manufacture to the exact size from a measurement you give us in a step below)


All Roller Door measurements are Daylight Opening Size (ordering height x opening width in the image below), the curtain width will be larger than the opening - usually 70mm wider - this is the ordering width that we use.  (Garage Doors are not all alike, many companies such as Dominator and Garador use 25mm guides as the default guide size, so the roller door curtain is made 50mm bigger to overlap, we use 40mm guides and our curtain is 70mm bigger so there is more door in the track for better security and wind resistance, but the constant measurement is opening width, so we ask you for this dimension)



If you do not see your exact door size just round up to the next size. You will get to tell us your exact size requirements later on.


3. Choose Your Options 

Work your way down the right hand side of the page selecting, or not, the level of supply and service you want. 

Exception to the Rule

There is always someone......dont worry we look after you as well. In your case go to the QUOTE MY GARAGE DOOR tab and fill out the details. We'll get back to you.   NOTE: We do not come to site and measure and quote, we can usually quote from your simple measurements and some photos.