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Roller Door Installation

Our company is primarily a supply only service for roller garage doors and roller shutter doors but we do have relationships with many installers.  

A list of our preferred contractors are below, indicative prices for domestic roller doors and sectional doors are from $250 plus GST, payable directly to the installer.

We do have installers for Industrial Doors and shutter doors in and around Auckland so can arrange a full supply and install service, we can also do this in a few selected areas so if you need a big door then drop us a line.  

Domestic Series 1 Roller Door Installation Instructions can be found here 

Semi-Industrial Series 2 Roller Door Installation Instructions can be found here 


How to fit a roller door.

The attached links describe the procedures to install a B&D Roller Door.  While we do not supply this style of door I have placed a link here for your reference and also to demonstrate how simple the installation can be.



Installation Service - While we have no direct association with any installers we have used most of the people listed below and have received positive feedback from our customers.

Auckland - City, North Shore and sometimes available as far as Northland - Mel 021 035 7218

Auckland - Dylan 021 1417972

Industrial Doors and Shutters -

Ratana at R and R Doors 02102202549

Clayton Town and Around Doors 027 288 9652

Taupo/Taumaranui to Hamilton, Putararu, Tauranga/ Rotorua, Whakatane, Waihi beach and anywhere in between. We fit domestic, light commercial and also industrial as well as all types of automation - Murray 0272012288

South Waikato - Rex 0274886625

Horowhenua (available also in Hawkes Bay, Wanganui, Palmerston North and Wellington) Ethan Premium Garage Doors Ltd. Facebook - Premium Garage Doors, Contact - 0211339513

Wellington - John 021 991 714


If you are a contract installer and looking for extra work please contact us by phone or email.


RD 2 Openers 

As of late we have been getting RD2 roller door motors brought back claiming they are faulty. On inspection we have found that the motor has been installed to close to the door curtain and when operating the curtain has been rubbing on the motor case. (attached are some pictures)

 If the curtain rubs on the motor case it can cause the sensitivity to trigger and stop the motor from operating. 

We set our drums in approximately 25mm on roller doors and when installing the motor please make sure there is enough clearance between the motor case and curtain when operating.

 In future motors which have these marks on them it may void the warranty of the motor.



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