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Windsor Doors (S.I.) Ltd warrants to the purchaser of its products that any part thereof which proves to be defective within two years of date of purchase will be replaced to the distributor without charge. This does not extend to normal wear and tear or labourcharges.

Windsor Doors (S.I.) Ltd further warrants to the original homeowner the door section(s) of Windsor Garage Doors against the defects of splitting, cracking or deterioration due to rusting through for two years from the original date of installation by Windsor Doors authorized dealer. Minor scratches, abrasions or markings due to the handling and/or installation of the product are not considered factory defects. Windsor Doors (S.I.) Ltd is not liable for consequential damages or the recovery of any other direct or indirect costs. This warranty is in lieu of all other warranties express or implied and shall be void if damage was due to improper installation, use, maintenance or failure to follow printed instructions.


  • Claims for damage or loss must be lodged within 5 days of dispatch.
  • The decision to repair, replace or re install, is solely at the discretion of Windsor Doors. Any reimbursement of costs will be made based on the current Windsor in house schedule.
  • At Windsor Doors discretion, all goods must be either returned to the nearest Windsor Depot, or accompanied by photographic evidence.
  • Repairs must be authorized by Windsor Doors (SI) Ltd prior to commencement and invoices for services provided must be accompanied by an official purchase number.
  • Only persons approved by Windsor Doors (SI) Ltd may undertake repairs or maintenance on behalf of the Company.


A regular washing with a car cleaning brush is required to remove corrosive contaminants from the garage door surface.

The garage door must be washed at least every 2 months (1 month in corrosive areas i.e. within 500m of the sea). It is also recommended to wax the door on an annual basis.

Doors must be serviced every 6 months. Moving parts i.e. rollers, hinges, chains and springs must be lubricated every 6 months with a dry lubricant. Spring tension, auto chain requires servicing 12 monthly. Tracks should be kept clean.




Windsor cedar doors are made from the highest grade dry cedar.

It is most important to seal the cedar panels immediately. They must be sealed both sides with an approved cedar product. This will control moisture penetrating and fungal growth within the cedar panels.

N.B. The cedar panels must be dry and clean before applying sealants/stains. We recommend CD-50 for the best result.

A dark color stain or paint will attract more heat therefore we recommend you avoid these colours.

Cedar panels should be regularly maintained according to the manufacturers and sealants instructions.

Warranty will only apply to those doors that have been sealed immediately inside and out prior to installation.


Failure to adhere to these maintenance requirements may void your warranty.





  1. Lubricate moving parts (hinges, rollers, spring and automatic pole/chain) with a dry lubricant.
  2. To prolong door life wash exterior of door panels with soapy water and a car brush every 3 months (more frequently in corrosive areas) N.B. The warranty on this door will become invalid if door not washed regularly.
  3. Many parts of the door are under extreme load hence only experienced garage door installers should make any adjustments. Consult your local agent if required.
  4. To operate door manually pull red cord to release the door from the automatic drive. Do not use the red cord to open and close door.
  5. When operating door manually be extremely careful when pulling doors down. Do not put fingers between door panels.


The supplier, at their discretion, may deem this warranty void if the maintenance requirements above are not met.



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