2450mm high Tilting Panel Door
2450mm high Tilting Panel Door
2450mm high Tilting Panel Door

2450mm high Tilting Panel Door

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Tilt Doors Are Perfect When You Have Limited Head Room

Minimum head space required 50mm manual / 80mm auto 


  • Strengthened main pivot bracket – thicker plate increases the solidity and stability of the fittings.
  • New pivot bearing design – new design requires no lubrication, meaning that the pivot bearing is reliable and maintenance free.
  • Rotating pivot shaft – pivot shaft rotates with power arm which decreases operational friction and increases the longevity of the pivot shaft.
  • Reinforcing spring arm plate – thicker plate increases the sturdiness of the fitting
  • Anti sway arm – decreases lateral movement of the door to ensure smooth operation
  • Springs life – Springs designed to provide the fittings with greater durability and increased length of the working life.
  • Weatherstrip with cushioning – helps restrict the entry of water, leaves and also limits dust from affecting the moving parts of the fittings.



  • Spring anchor bracket – larger dome shaped spring anchor brackets provided standard on all fittings to offer a more secure fixing.
  • Clove hook design on double springs – new patented design eliminates the possibility of spring separation to greatly improve overall safety of the fitting.
  • Enclosed spring loop ends – the design restricts spring movement and consequently chances of escape.
  • Trace wheels – heavy duty track wheels designed to provide smooth movement in the tracks with minimal noise.


  • Extensive size range – available in a number of configurations to suit doors of various heights and widths.
  • Minimal installation clearances required – able to fit where most other garage doors will not.


  • Tilt Doors are manufactured in Christchurch and can be shipped nationwide.  The doors are assembled in the factory then shipped as a flat panel or knocked down for easier transport. Prices are for fully built doors, knocked down doors attract a 10% handling fee but this is generally offset by a reduced freight cost - contact us to discuss knocked down options.