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Garage doors are sold in size breaks.  Please select the height, round up if you have an inbetween size.  (Scroll down).  Then select the brand or door type, once that has been selected, you select the width, again round up to the next size.  Select Zinc or colour, and if colour select the colour choice, Then type in your actual height and width - all sizes are daylight opening dimensions.

Most doors have a centrelock with a key as standard, but you can choose a slide Bolt lock or an auto opener - then add to cart and purchase through the check out process.

Minimum headroom and side room can be found in the installation instructions listed here

Our Philosophy - Top quality, fair prices.

If you are a builder, tradie or competent DIYer often you just want products at the best price.

Traditionally the garage door market was about full service, measure and quote plus installation and for many home owners that is exactly the service they need.

But if you just wanted the door and no other service, it often came with all the costs associated with a business providing those services anyway.

So, along comes DoorsNZ....we don't measure and quote, we don't install and we don't have a showroom, oh yes and we don't offer credit.  

But that does mean we do have low margins due to minimal overheads providing you the usual high quality roller doors you want, at heavily reduced prices.

Our unique online store allows you to instantly price the roller door and buy it there and then.

The only proviso is you must pretty much already know what you want and know how to use a tape measure..if you don't or can't then we probably aren't the service for you.

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