Bay of Plenty Garage Doors

We can supply both Garador Roller Doors and Windsor Roller or Sectional garage doors into the wider Bay of Plenty, Eastern BOP and Thames Coromandel areas, including Thames, Tauranga, Rotorua nad Whakatane.  We can also supply to Opotiki and more remote areas by arrnagement using general carriers.

Unfortunately we cannot easily deliver through the gorge to Gisborne or around the top of East Cape into the East Coast.

Around the East side of the Kaimai's is a high wind zone (called a Lee Zone in the building code) which is created when the wind accelerates over the top of the ranges.  If your site is boardering on the Kaimai's or gets a reasonable winds then your Roller Doors need some special consideration.  If your doors are larger than 2200mm high x 2400mm wide or they face directly into the prevailing wind, then you should really consider windlock guides.

Windsor Doors do offer a 40mm guide as standard and a 63mm for High Wind, Garador offer a different profile in the way they press the curtain with 25mm guides as standard and 50mm for high wind.  Both also offer a fully windlocked door too.  These are not only extremely robust against the wind, they are also very good for extra security against Break-in's.  The door cannot easily be forced out of the track - more likely infact to have to tear the track out of the wall.

Deliveries to Bay of Plenty typically occur on a Tuesday and we can offer a door to door service over a wide part of the greater BOP area.  However, due to the route taken, deliveries to Whakamarama, Lower Kaimai, Omanawa and Oropi etc may not always be possible - in this case we can drop to a commercial address of your choice such as a local business you use or where you have friends working etc. 

As we use large furniture trucks coming direct from Auckland please be mindful of access in and around the some of the smaller roads.

Our standard route comes down over through Thames and Waihi to Whakatane and then back to Auckland via Rotorua and Hamilton.

Unfortunately we can not easily ship to towns on the Coromandel Pennisula, but happy to price this on request.